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What are the Benefits for the Patient - Research Participant?

  • Eligible volunteers receive professional care, health examinations, study medication and close monitoring ALL at no cost.
  • Health insurance is not necessary in order to be considered or to participate in a clinical trial.
    • NO co-pays for visits and study medications.
    • RSM will assist patients who are not currently insured in obtaining the correct paperwork and instruct them on how to apply for benefits.
  • Study related care is provided by board-certified or board-eligible physicians.
  • Individuals who volunteer for clinical trials can gain access to promising medications prior to these drugs being widely available.
  • Study participants are often seen more frequently in a clinical trial than in traditional outpatient care.
  • Individuals may be suffering from a disease for which an effective treatment does not exist, or the patient is unresponsive to traditional treatment.
  • Many volunteers are interested in advancement of science related to their specific diagnosis to improve care available to the public.
  • Each individual who volunteers for clinical research is responsible for allowing additional medications to be available to the marketplace.
  • Study volunteers report they like the care they receive in a research study, as they are monitored closely and study related care is very specialized based on their diagnosis.
  • Eligible participants may receive a stipend in exchange for their time, travel and participation in volunteering for clinical trial.
  • Genetic research components are available for certain trials.
  • Although outcome of genetic research may never be made public to the investigator or the patient, evidence obtained advances the overall knowledge of the specific diagnosis.

    All clinical trials have guidelines about who can participate. RSM will make the most appropriate and ethical recommendation based on the patients current condition. Our site also has access to multiple other providers, at all levels of care, to assist in our commitment to serve the public and professionals.

* Participation in clinical research is confidential and voluntary.

* Research Strategies of Memphis strives to investigate causes contributing to psychiatric and neurological illnesses and assist in identifying factors contributing to improvement and recovery.

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